the cd stencil: neat and simple

(pat. pend.)

CD labelling with turn-and-write:
turn-and-write (pat. pend.) allows you to neatly label burned CDs in concentric circles with standard markers.

Labelling: Place CD in case. Lay CD stencil on CD so that it locks in place and can be turned around. Write with CD markers. Turn. Write. Turn. Write… Turn and write!
Mistakes can easily be corrected with a cotton bud and some denatured alcohol (not recommended for critical data).

Quality features:
High quality stencil, fits exactly on CD and is flexible. Characters specially created for stencil.

turn-and-write, small set: (CHF 25.- / Euro 16.-)
1 CD case, inlay with instructions
1 CD-R
1 stencil
1 marker (black)

turn-and-write, large set: (CHF 32.- / Euro 21.-)
1 CD case, inlay with instructions
1 CD-R
1 stencil
4 markers (black, blue, green, red)
Shipping (CHF 4.80 or more) with invoice and payment slip.

Shipping to EU countries:
No VAT for goods up to Euro 22.-!
Economical shipping (1 set Euro 4.80).
An invoice for payments to an Euro account in Germany is included.
Transfers to this account are free of charge from all EU countries if IBAN and BIC codes are provided (can be found on invoice).






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